Welcome pack

You are rewarded with one thousand naira (1000) for registration. When you succeed in referring six(6) people, that means that you’re expected to bring 2 people who will in turn bring 2 people each, making it a total of 6 people. You will earn Six Thousand Naira (#6000) at the completion of the stage.
[ At this stage you are qualified to start the business]

Stage 1

As each member in your link completes his / her welcome pack matrix he / she  now has Six(6) referrals from your welcome pack.
At this stage you will earn fifteen thousand naira (#15000).

Stage 2

At this stage your six(6) members are still joining you. When they all complete their stage one(1). At the end of stage two(2),
you are earning thirty five thousand naira (#35000) with a bonus of five thousand naira (#5000). So that means you are earning a total of forty thousand naira (#40000).
[Interest Free Loan of One Hundred Thousand Naira “#100000”]

Stage 3

This is where you see yourself earning from nothing to something. You will earn seventy thousand naira (#70000) when your six(6) referrals have completed their stage two(2) to join you. In this stage you are rewarded with a bonus of thirty thousand naira (#30000). The total amount for stage three(3) is one Hundred thousand naira (#100000).

Stage 4

It continues to grow as your down link members join you in stage four(4). The total amount you are earning at this stage is One Hundred Thousand naira (#100000) with an additional bonus of a Laptop, TV set, Generator or an I pad.

Stage 5

The journey continues as your six(6) members join you in stage 5. The total amount you are earning is Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000) with a shopping fee of One Hundred thousand Naira (#100000) at any supermarket of your choice.

Stage 6

At this stage you are qualified for bonus of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000) when all yours six(6) members join you. On completing this stage,you are entitled to One Million Naira (1,000,000). So the total amount for stage six(6) is One Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#1,500,000).

Stage 7

Your step out is here as your down link members join you in stage seven(7). You will be receiving a total amount of Two Million Naira (#2,000,000) by the time this stage is completed. In addition, you are rewarded with a car.         🚗

Stage 8 (Final Stage)

This is the final stage where you earn from your down liners for the last time. Every member from stage seven (7) will join and send you off with the sum of a three(3) BED ROOM FLAT worth Ten Million Naira (#10,000,000)