Joining Hands

We support, create and give opportunities to all our members, We also provide you with a minimum cash income to empower you

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Many great things awaits you if you give yourself the chance and key into the unbeatable compensation plan.

You are rewarded with one thousand naira (1000) for registration.
When you succeed in referring six(6) people. That means that you’re expected to bring 2 people who will in turn bring 2 people each, making it a total of 6 people. You will earn Six Thousand Naira (#6000) at the completion of the stage.

We Care

We always work together to ensure that everyone wins

Timely Payments

All payments are made within 2 working days, and you can receive it in your local bank account

Passive Income

You can make money even when sleeping from passive incomes

A friend introduced me to this business and ever since, it has not only served as another revenue stream for me, but it has also become a major tool that has helped me improve my networking skills.

Mamah Patricia

Member, Joining Hands

My journey in this business so far as been an eventful one and i’m proud to say that it has been worth it all the way.

Cynthia Ozioko

Member, Joining Hands

I was skeptical about being a part of this business initially because of my experience with other Mlm’s, but joining hands has proved to be different especially in the area of timely payments.

Eze Helen

Member, Joining Hands

There’s no legitimate business in the country that pays you so much money within a very short time like Joining hands. I joined this network and within a few weeks, I was smiling to the bank.

Tochi Nwaeme

Member, Joining Hands

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